School of the Psalmists

Music is "The Unversal Language" and effective in releasing stress.  For example, in the Bible, as David, before he was King, played his harp at the request of then King Saul, even demons left Saul, bringing him into places of sweet tranquility, so it is that this ministry will help bring calm to you, in the midst of storms.  I hope you enjoy! - Pastor Chris

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Get Connect and "Peace Out" with Available MP3 File with various Genre now for Donation to Our Church: Relaxation / Meditation Music, R&B, Blues.  (To Donate, simply navigate to our Online Giving Tab.  And, THANK YOU SO MUCH, IN ADVANCE)  $2 Min. Donation per song or $15 for 10 Songs.  TO GET STARTED:

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J.A.M.TIME THEME SONG: IS JESUS AND ME, Dedicated to my Mom, who in times of trouble or stress would sing and play this song on the piano, back in the day.  You are welcome to DOWNLOAD THIS FILE NOW FOR FREE!!!  I was able to perform and record it (all instruments and vocal at home, during this virus outbreak) Jesus & Me BEST COPY.mp3 My newest 'Jericho"  (c) 5-12-20 BMI Member, All Rights Reserved