06 Mar

I Enjoy Writing, Arranging, Recording, Producing Music for the Soul!  My influences range from Keith Green, John Coltrane, Chuck Mangione, Maynard Ferguson, Bill Watrous, Count Basie, Chick Corea, among many others.  My early experience in music began as a child in church, then school bands, music studio musician at the age of 16, Tennessee State Jazz Band, worked toward a B.A. in Music Performance (for Sax) at University of Tennessee, 30 years of Music MInistry in churches where I was on staff.  So, now I venture again into this great realm of, "the universal language" combined with the understanding that tasteful music can refresh, uplift, encourage, rejuvenate, and stimulate the senses.  Also, as a Full-Time Lead Pastor for over 30 years, having ministered in many countries around the world, I know the dynamic of anointed worship that can be shared between us & God, and with each other.  At nhmpariscog.org - one of our outreach ministries has been School of the Psalmist, where I provide music instruction, as well as performance experiences that bring people into the Presence of the LORD Jesus Christ, and provide music encounters for the entire family.  

Looking toward the future, I desire to be useful in the genre of Christian Jazz, and of Christian "meditation" music (as Joshua 1:8 describes with regard to the WORD of God - not transcendental meditation which is against my core beliefs).  There is a place for true expressions of worship incorporating Instrumental Jazz, R&B, Neo R&B, etc...  Although I marvel at the youthful generations, with the advances in technology and talent, when you look around, many times, it's the old guys that can really play / perform, even still.  Hey, don't count us out yet... I just desire to "hold my own" and maybe make a positive impression upon ALL generations all over the world.  As a side note:  In the video (link below), I had recorded 2 other video/clip tracks that I could not add to the overall video.  The maximum usable grid cross section for editing was a total of 4.  So missing are the Sitar, and Strings video clips.  However, you get the idea.  I had an enjoyable time.  So, as a final thought... at the end of it all...TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!  All the Glory Belongs to Him for anything good coming from me!  So, this song is totally dedicated to Jesus...entitled: "4 HIM"  I hope you enjoy it!                Pastor Chris

     ACTUAL VIDEO RECORDING: https://youtu.be/odhirinl__Q 

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